About Us

Hi! We are the Lawrence’s and the owners of The Bag Collective. 

We started this company in 2022 because we believe that everyone should have a little luxury in their lives.   

For years, Amanda has been a vintage Louis Vuitton lover, and began to notice most people had a skewed view that Louis Vuitton was only for the most prestigious, wealthy folk. 

Since then, she’s made it her mission to prove that theory wrong. She started spreading the news of how vintage Louis Vuitton handbags are of the utmost quality (even known to outlast current LV bags!) and half the price, and that’s when the idea of The Bag Collective popped in her head. 

A community of vintage bag lovers all speaking the same language? Yes, please! So we’ve got a vision…. But how does it come to life? 

That’s where TJ comes in. He’s the brains… (and the brawn). As an executive in the corporate world, TJ understands the business and works diligently to ensure we’re giving YOU the best product, for the best price. 

The Bag Collective is family owned and operated in the heart of Texas, and every order is prepped, packaged, and shipped with love - by us! 

Our commitment? 

To bring YOU pre-loved, authentic, and high-quality bags that promote luxury + sustainability for a happier world.


Now…who’s ready to shop?